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White City Getaway Box

White City Getaway Box

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Run out of legendary murderers to put behind bars lately? Pack your bags, and come visit The White City, where not only is the World’s Fair being hosted, but we also hear there are mysterious disappearances happening from the fairgrounds. Join Audrey Rose, Thomas Cresswell, and Shelflove as we hit the streets of Chicago to hunt down their final nemesis. We will equip you with everything you need to solve the mystery in style.

This crate’s items are truly unique. We had so much fun feeling the victorian vibes while curating around this thrilling series. We can promise an interactive experience with these 10 useful and entertaining items, plus our collectible chess pieces, which will of course be Audrey Rose and Thomas Cresswell.

Due to the popularity of this series, we have opted not to include a book in this crate, as we didn’t want you to receive duplicate copies. There will only be items inspired by the series in this special edition crate.

This crate will also be packed in our brand new Getaway box designed by Paris at @inkandwonder.desgins! We are absolutely in love with her design for this box, and cannot wait to share it with you!