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The Darkdawn Getaway Box- Shelflove Special Edition (Mini)

The Darkdawn Getaway Box- Shelflove Special Edition (Mini)

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Need a Getaway? Shelflove has you covered!

Welcome to the city of Godsgrave! Let us guide you through this world of eternal daylight and pray to Aa that we don’t run into an unsavories on the way. We hear some can literally walk out of the shadows!

The Book: We are including a Shelflove EXCLUSIVE SIGNED edition which we can reveal will include custom exclusive art from @niru.sky on the reverse of the dust jacket and artwork bound in from @arz28. We will also have more to reveal about this edition soon once we get the go ahead from the publisher! We can say it is another exclusive addition to our book we have never included before!

The Mini Box: Will include 6 high-quality, useful items plus our two exclusive collectible chess pieces (No book)

The Items: We will have several vendor reveals over the next couple months! For now, we can reveal that boxes will contain some of your favorite items from our past special edition boxes as well as some truly unique items we know you’ll love!

The Box: We are thrilled to announce that we are working with the amazingly talented Paris from @inkandwonder.desgins to create the ultimate Getaway box! We adore Paris’s Wonder boxes, and are so excited to have her bring her unique and vibrant style to our new boxes as well! We’ll be revealing more leading up to shipping!

Boxes are open for pre-orders NOW! Pre-orders will remain open until Aug. 1

If you love the Nevernight Series, we highly encourage you to grab one of these boxes now. Our special edition box quantities are determined by the number of pre-orders we get. We do not plan to have extra inventory.