Happy Holidays from Shelflove

The Reindeer have left the North Pole, and Shelflove Advent boxes are on their way! We did not include a spoiler card inside these boxes so as not to spoil your gifts! Also, with the amount of wrapping that went into these boxes, we wanted to spare the environment at least one piece of stationary. SO! For your guide to our Christmas Getaway Advent box, check out our spoiler info below!


*Do not continue reading unless you have opened your Day 3 gift



Day 3's gift is a metallic iron-on decal (and in case you cannot read it backwards, it says "Tome for the holidays")

To apply:

Lay out your iron safe fabric item on a wooden surface or ironing board

Place heat transfer in desired location.

Cover with an iron safe cloth such as a pillowcase. *DO NOT APPLY IRON DIRECTLY TO HEAT TRANSFER DESIGN.

Iron the design for 30-40 seconds, covering all areas of the design.

Remove cloth, and gently peel away the protective film layer from the design. If the film does not want to part from the iron on, recover, and iron for an additional 10 seconds, and try again. Continue until film is removed.

*To protect your heat transfer after applying: turn the item inside out when using a washing machine. Wash on a gentle cycle, on cold. Not dry clean safe. Do not directly apply iron to design.